Ear Infection

Ear Infection

Ear Infection services offered in Canton, MA

Ear infections don’t just happen to kids — ear pain in adults and children can indicate an infection that can worsen, spread, or even cause hearing loss. At Canton Urgent Care in Canton, Massachusetts, Muhammad Bajwa, MD, and Monika Parrish, PA-C, evaluate you or your child’s inner ear before providing any necessary treatment for an infection or the pain that comes with it. Call Canton Urgent Care, book an appointment online, or walk in for an evaluation today.

What is an ear infection?

Ear infections come from viruses or bacteria that make their way into your inner ear. There are many different types, varying in severity, but most common ear infections cause similar symptoms. As a result of the infection, your eardrum can swell, bulge, or become painful. 

Many ear infections clear up independently and don’t require any professional care. However, you should visit if the pain of an ear infection is unrelenting or your child seems to get frequent infections. 

Canton Urgent Care can verify if an infection has cleared and provide any necessary treatment for present infections. 

What are the symptoms of an ear infection in children?

Ear infections can cause slightly different symptoms in children and adults. Aside from the primary symptom of ear pain, a child’s ear infection can cause:

  • Intensifying pain while lying down
  • Fluid drainage from the ear
  • A fever of over 100℉
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased crying
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Hearing problems

As an infection gets worse, your child might have trouble balancing and increasing irritability. It’s vital to book an appointment for any child under six months with ear infection symptoms. 

What are the symptoms of an ear infection in adults?

Adult ear infection symptoms tend to start rapidly. Some of the most common ear infection symptoms in adults are:

  • Ear pain
  • Ear pressure
  • Fluid drainage
  • Hearing problems

Your Canton Urgent Care provider gives you an ear exam using an instrument called an otoscope to look for signs of infection. They can also measure the pressure inside your ear with a test called tympanometry.

How are ear infections treated?

The treatment you or your child gets for an ear infection depends on your age, the infection’s severity, and the type of infection. Since prolonged fluid buildup in the inner ear can lead to hearing loss, spreading infection, and other complications, treating infections in small children is crucial. 

Canton Urgent Care may recommend:

  • Antibiotics
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers
  • A warm compress over the ear
  • Ear tubes for chronic infections

Your provider might suggest close monitoring, including regular testing and follow-ups, to ensure your child’s chronic or recurrent ear infections don’t lead to complications. 

If you or your child has ear pain or other symptoms of an ear infection, call Canton Urgent Care, book an appointment online, or walk in for an evaluation today.